Product Design & Development

Product Design and Development is the “key” focus of Magellan for both our Customers and our Brands. Our team of inspired Industrial Designers quickly bring “your” ideas into focus, and our experienced Engineers and Merchandisers quickly transform images into rapid prototypes, and final products ready for market.
Upon approval and completion of product design and technical illustrations Magellan can also provide additional development services including:

1. Sourcing with appropriate factory in appropriate country
2. Costing and pricing estimates
a) Tooling costs
b) Packaging costs
c) Unit costs
3. Rapid proto-typing
4. Off tool sampling
5. Product testing and adjustments/modifications
6. Packaging design and recommendations

Global Sourcing & Importing

Magellan Group has more than 20 years of Global Sourcing experience and offers the following services 

Matching YOUR product to the best producing country
• Obtaining competitive quotes/pricing
• Recommending and connecting you to reliable factories
• Providing QA/QC processes to meet customer requirements
• Product Lab testing services
• Freight and logistics contacts
• Education in import processes

Direct Import Sales

We understand that it can be difficult for you to sell your product to your intended “Target Market”. We have a wide net of associates who are connected to most major retailers in the United States, Canada and in Europe.
We offer services on many of the practical aspects of Direct Importing:

• What it means to fill a container versus loose cargo
• Tiimelines and scheduling requirements for direct importing
• Understanding packaging requirements
• Consumer product safety & regulatory standards requirments
• Quotation requirements
• Sample requirements
• Trade show strategies

Contact for Consultation

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