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Our Brands

Magellan also is the proud owner of three exciting and growing brands

Zippy is a totally new snack experience that brings together the fun of sharing with friends and family and the creative freedom to invent your own snack recipes.
Respecting the traditions of Barbecue from around the world, Grillville brings new technology, durability, and convenience to your grilling experience. Be it Charcoal, Gas or “open-pit” barbecuing. Grillville equipment will enhance the joy and fun of barbecuing with your family and friends!
House-2-Home is all about specialty cookware! From fully functional non-stick dishwasher safe Cast Iron to super-deep Lasagna Pans, H2H draws from cooking cultures everywhere to bring innovation and ease to your cooking and baking!

We design tomorrows products today. let Magellan help you with your success

About us

Magellan Group was originally founded in 1994 (Asiana House) as a sourcing company for leading Kitchen and Barbecue retailers
in the USA and Canada. We quickly established Trade and Factory connections across much of the world including Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Morocco and several countries in South America.

In the early 2000’s we evolved into a “Boutique” Design and Product Development company, as our customers became more product discerning and more bold and adventuresome in their quests to dominate retail sales in their competitive market categories.

Magellan has not strayed from it’s roots and continues to focus on designing highly innovative and unique Kitchen, Barbecue and Bar/Wine related products. We can proudly say that we have worked with nearly every major National Retailer in the USA over the past 25 years, and now have more than 100 Utility and Design Patents in the company.

Our “advantage” for our Customers is:

  • Quick and focused consultation
  • Fast Design and costing
  • Expedited product prototyping
  • Fast tooling for “sampling”
  • Fast production and shipping

Magellan team includes seasoned industry leaders and a strong team of Industrial Designers, Engineers with Merchandiser Teams “on-the-ground” at the Factories where we produce our products.

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